Friday, 17 May 2013

Beyond FD#2: Winter

Hot on the heels of the first Beyond FD I have another for you. 

Winter is led by Samira Winter, with Nolan Eley, Kyle Oppenheimer and Ana Karina DaCosta. The band started in Boston, America and released their first EP Daydreaming last December. The EP, as the title suggests is dreamy, and there's plenty of chorus and reverb which ticks big boxes for me. There's a wistfulness I really admire and a sincere lightness which I feel only American bands can carry off to full effect. But I'm sure you'd rather listen for yourself than try and make sense of my descriptions, so here's a video for the title track:

The EP is produced by Nolan Eley, of Infinity Girl, another band well-worth checking out. Particularly Taking Nothing. Check out that chorus on the lead guitar! And the wobble on the rhythm guitar. Nice. His production on Winter's tracks brings the best elements of Infinity Girl's gazing and combines with Winter's songwriting to produce something nostalgic yet new.  

The band is now playing shows as a full band and working on new songs. They've a new video out 22nd May. Hopefully one day they will cross the water so we at FD can see them live in the flesh.


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